Blackhall Dip Guardrail Removal

On 9th April the guardrails around the Blackhall Dip were removed unexpectedly.

Hal Osler said, “I was very surprised to hear of this as we had recently been consulted on a detailed (18 page) Spaces for People plan for the A90 and guardrail removal was not mentioned.

"Having tracked down the Council team concerned to ask why, I was informed that this was part of a street ‘decluttering’ process and the guardrails were removed to allow for greater pedestrian movement. The Officers said that they had contacted Road Safety for the three year collision retrieval data and no issues were found with the area so the barriers were removed.

"I know this has caused a degree of anxiety and concern regarding safety and the lack of consultation, all of which I have relayed to the Council team.

"I will continue to work on improving issues and the concerns voiced by residents regarding the crossing and safety at the Blackhall Dip.”

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