We need common sense management of busking in the City Centre.

We need common sense management of busking in the City Centre. I'm calling for action from Edinburgh Council to manage busking in the City's tourist hot spots.

Talking to residents in the Old Town, the Grassmarket and in Rose Street, I am hearing complaints that buskers using amplifiers and playing late into the evening is causing considerable disturbance, adversely affecting the quality of life of many who live in the City Centre. The Council has put up some signs in Rose Street but residents tell me that the Council has declined to intervene elsewhere saying it's a police matter.

It's about time we saw a more proactive response from the Council to manage our tourist infrastructure so that our beautiful City remains a great place to visit but at the same time making sure that the City Centre is still an attractive place to live. I'm not calling for and end to busking. However, if something isn’t done to address nuisances, people will stop wanting to live in the City Centre and it will become a tourist theme park. No one wants to see that.

The Council needs to work with local residents and the buskers themselves to create and introduce a code of practice which would address the use of amplifiers and late night noise, and encourage buskers to change pitch regularly.

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