41 Bus update

Since the decision by Lothian Buses to move the No.41 bus from travelling down Queensferry, many residents have been left frustrated at the lack of an adequate replacement service.

The No.43 bus was to be increased in frequency to cover the absence of the 41, but so far this has not proven to be the case.

Local Lib Dem councillor Robert Aldridge said, “Ed Thornley and I have had discussions with Lothian, who tell us that the 43 has been increased in service. However, the reports of people being left at the side of the road for upwards of half an hour show this isn’t enough.”

“There needs to be a decent service that covers Queensferry Road. The 43 fills up in Queensferry and is still full at Barnton. We need to encourage public transport use, and that means making it accessible and useful. We have asked Lothian again to reconsider.”

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