Your future- your vote - but what are the choices ?

So, the letters have arrived, the debates are completed and the hustings finished. Decision time is here. What are the choices in this general election ?

  • The Conservatives - for a hard Brexit and more savage spending cuts
  • Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour -  you are likely to get a hard Brexit with some cherry picking of other membership benefits and unrealistic fiscal policy (according to the IFS)
  • SNP - for breaking up the UK and continued local government spending cuts. They don’t want you to have a say on the Brexit deal so that they can argue for a second independence referendum
  • Vote Liberal Democrat for the only realistic way of stopping  a second independence referendum and staying in the EU -  we want the people of the UK to be able to decide whether to accept the final Brexit deal. This is relevant to Brexiteers as well as Remainers. We offer a costed, credible fiscal policy for strong public & commercial sectors.

So, please, make your vote count in this election and vote for the Liberal Democrats !

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