Sick Kids February Campaign Update

Thank you to everyone who has signed our petition to see part of the Sick Kids site used to benefit Sciennes Primary School.  The campaign has received a boost with the launch of the Marchmont and Sciennes Development Trust who are seeking to use community right to buy legislation to bring the site into community ownership.

It is too early in the process for the Trust to produce firm proposals as they will be developed with the community if they get permission to proceed.  However, at their first public meeting on the 21 February, the Trust made it clear they are very open to the school using parts of the site.  With Marchmont and Sciennes Community Council, who have been ably coordinating the community response, now formally endorsing the community buyout process, there is a real head of steam building in the community.

I’m very grateful to everyone who has signed my petition to see part of the site used to benefit the School. With such a strong local community all working together, I’m hopeful that the school will benefit from this sale.

Please sign my petition to make sure that the Council gets first refusal to expand Sciennes Primary School into part of the Sick Kids at


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