Dan Farthing - Southside Newington

Dan Farthing is running to be a Southside Newington Councillor to give people a stronger voice on the council.

He wants a financially responsible council which focuses on delivering high quality basic services. He also believes that it is important to elect councillors who believe in Edinburgh as an open, inclusive, and tolerant city.

Dan runs a small charity based in Edinburgh and lives in the south of the city with his family.  

His early political experiences came when as a young man he worked for Charles Kennedy MP in the Highlands. As a result he is passionate about returning to a robust but respectful style of politics where politicians spend at least as much time listening as talking.

Since then he has worked for the elected Mayor of Watford where a Lib Dem controlled council is improving local services and strengthening local communities.  Apart from a brief spell at NHS Lothian he has spent most of his career working with patient groups to ensure that the people who use health services have a voice in how they are designed and delivered.  In particular, he has campaigned for those infected with blood borne viruses as the result of NHS treatment.

He is campaigning for Sciennes Primary School to benefit from the sale of the neighbouring Sick Kids Hospital site with more space of facilities.  

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