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  • commented 2017-11-27 14:45:15 +0000
    Good afternoon Gillian. I am a long term LD voter and I wanted to get in touch with you re the recent announcement about proposed changes to the High School which Roseburn primary would feed in to. I have two children currently in Roseburn, and another who would start in the nursery class next year. I am horrified about the proposed change, as this was not what we signed up for when buying our house in the area. While I appreciate more places need to be provided for the demographic changes, I don’t feel that changing the school to where Roseburn feeds is appropriate. It will have little material impact on the achieving the councils objective (due to the size of the class), while at the same time families who have chosen to live in this catchment are will suddenly be expected to have their children attend a far worse performing school than that which had been promised. Whatever changes are needed to be made should not result in material negative impacts on any childrens’ prospects, but i feel this definitely would. Can you please let me know your thoughts on this matter?

    Kind regards, Brendan
  • commented 2017-11-02 00:35:54 +0000
    Dear Gillian,

    I’ve just witness my son, 12 years old, play in his first concert with The City of Edinburgh Music School alongside his fellow Orchestral Ensemble friends and international Guitarist Morgan Symanski at the Edinburgh Queens Hall. As a parent this was an emotional event made all the more poignant as, if the City of Edinburgh Council has its way to close the School, this could be the last event of its kind that the Orchestra will play. In the short time my son has been in S1 I’ve seen how the specialist music teachers have help him to flourish, giving him confidence in his music and academic studies. The music School is a family that works together within the wider Broughton High School community to support these gifted children from all over Scotland (its a National School, not just for Edinburgh kids).

    Please support our campaign to save the School in its current form and not cast the students to the four corners of the City where they can never have the same collective creative environment needed to produce the amazing music that they did this evening.

    Please follow our supporters on the twitter feed #savecoems where you will see the level of support literally world wide.


    Ken Badenoch
  • commented 2017-05-03 14:47:37 +0100
    Edinburgh was voted the fourth most beautiful city in the world in 2015.

    Edinburgh’s balance of wondrous architecture and mix of green spaces attracts visitors and new residents every year.

    What would happen if we didn’t maintain the greenery I wonder….

    You have my families vote if you can support tree replacement in Saughtonhall Drive see
  • commented 2017-04-28 14:07:14 +0100
    I’m contacting you on behalf of Edinburgh Women’s Aid, we are an organisation which provides specialist services to women children and young people with experience of domestic abuse. We work across the whole Edinburgh area and with women and children from all communities.

    Last year we had contact with 1500 women and supported 237 children and young people. Our services include the provision of safe temporary accommodation, crisis counselling, information and support to help women to make the choices which are correct for them and support to children and young people including outreach support in schools and delivery of the CEDAR programme.

    Demand for our services are increasing year on year and the provision of specialist support is vital to help women, children and young people to recover from their experiences. We believe it is imperative that the voices of women and children are heard by elected representative to ensure that decisions take into account the distinct needs of those with experience of domestic abuse.

    We are contacting all candidates to ask you to pledge that if elected you will ensure that the voices of women, children and young people from all the communities of Edinburgh are heard and all the needs of those affected by domestic abuse are made visible in all areas of council policy.

    If successful in your campaign we would be delighted to have you visit our services and hear first hand from us about the work we do.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours faithfully

    Linda Rodgers