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  • commented 2017-04-24 09:52:14 +0100
    Dear Dan

    I intend to use my vote to support for candidates that are committed to sustained investment in active travel. I want my family to be able to travel safely on their bikes for normal everyday journeys – but the current road environment does not allow for that to happen.

    I would be grateful for your response to the following three asks:

    1. Provide sustained, long term investment in both cycling and walking, reaching 10% of the transport budget.

    2. Build and maintain dedicated cycling infrastructure, suitable for people of all ages and abilities.

    3. Local action: To solve the main local barriers to active travel, as identified by residents and businesses
  • commented 2017-04-21 13:39:07 +0100
    I am a trustee and vice-chairman of the Cockburn Association.

    As you may know, we have recently produced our Civic Agenda. This calls for a serious debate about growth and development in Edinburgh, and the future direction of our city.

    I would like from you please an undertaking that you and your party will support such a debate, and will support the action points in the document
  • commented 2017-04-21 13:35:34 +0100
    I am extremely concerned about the proposed Royal High School development, and about the Council’s drive to encourage development in Edinburgh at almost any cost.

    I have objected in the following terms

    “I wish to object to these applications.

    The Old Royal High School building is a neo-classical, Greek Revival building that is of exceptional quality and international importance. It is part of a group of buildings on the Calton Hill that led to Edinburgh being designated the “Athens of the North”. Views of these buildings are prominent from around the Royal Mile and Queen’s Park, and are among the most beautiful and distinctive views in the city (CEC Policy Env1).

    These proposals would seriously damage the setting of the Old Royal High School on the Calton Hill, and would detract from the architectural merit of the school itself. The scale, density and height of the proposed new buildings would have an adverse effect both on the listed buildings, and on the surrounding hill and open space. The appearance and setting of the designed landscape of Calton Hill would be significantly and negatively altered, and a hugely important cultural and historic landscape would be lost (CEC Policy Env1,3).

    The proposals involve demolition of a number of buildings on the site, including the gatehouse at the western end of the site. This would seriously alter the approach to and views of the school from Waterloo Place. It would undermine both the unity and coherence of the townscape, including St Andrew’s House, and the school building themselves. The proposed buildings at the western end of the site are of disproportionate scale and mass. They would detract from the approach to the school building itself, and unduly dominate the townscape (CEC Policy Env2,3).

    Overall, these proposals demonstrate that this narrow and confined site, with the internationally-renowned Royal High School building at its core, is not suitable for a major hotel development. The effects on the site, the school building itself and on important views of the Calton Hill from around the city are simply not acceptable. The site does not net meet the criteria set out in CEC Policy Emp 10 for hotel development. It is not in one of the designated areas for hotel development; it is not directly related to retail activity, and will not boost retail vitality through its location; and it does not have good public transport access (CEC Policy Emp 10)"

    I would welcome an assurance from you that you will strongly uphold Council policies on safeguarding our unique heritage in the city, and our outstanding physical environment, and resist any development that puts commercial gain above our heritage and environment.